Line of Duty

We are a registered UK charity specifically created to provide practical assistance to our brave Emergency Services Personnel who face more in their daily line of work on our behalf than we realise and often don't get the help they deserve or need when they should and when they need it.

Emergency Services Personnel

If you're aware of a member of the Emergency Services that needs help please let us know

Who We Are

A Charity Specifically Set up to help EMS Personnel

Our Story

We are a charity set up specifically to provide tangible and practical assistance to Emergency Services Personnel and raise awareness of their actions in the course of the duty.

Our Charity

We are transparent in all our charity activities. If you want to be a part of us, if you want to ask for help for yourself or other people who work in the Emergency Services, or have any question that you want to ask, let us kn​ow...

Why Choose Us

Practical Help for Emergency Services Personnel in the UK

Everyone has probably had to call on the Emergency Services at some point to help you or a relative yet we take for granted they are always there at the end of a phone call. What we don't appreciate what they sometimes have to endure in the course of their duties. Physical Assaults, Verbal Abuse, Violent Attacks, Physical Harm and perhaps most damaging of all Physiological Trauma that can lead to mental health issues that can lead to family breakdowns and substance abuse and associated adverse well-being conditions all because they are simply doing their job. To protect you and your family in the Line of Duty.
Most Physical injuries can heal and after time are usually invisible except for a few scars. But the physiological damage caused within can be long lasting and in many case never goes away and can lead to extended sick days, medication and sometimes manifesting in mental stress and disorders which unless properly recognised and treated can lead to more damaging events to the persons well-being and possibly spill over into their own family life. All because they didn't take the time as a dedicated worker or find the help to address their issues.
Giving to a registered charity such as Line Of Duty is an important part of your Company Social Responsibility [CSR] and be a tax efficient way to help people that will always be prepared to help you and or your business when you need them at the end of a 999 call. Please give what you can.
Government statistics on the growing problems facing our Emergency Personnel are not easy to find and not always common knowledge, yet day in and day out our Emergency Personnel go to work and face assaults and violent attacks and sometimes find themselves seeking medical help in the Line of Duty. Why do medical staff require body stab Armour or need to wear body cams. The situation has become untenable and unacceptable and we must try to do more when and where we can.
We are dedicated to help EMS personnel in their time of need. We are sick and tired of reading or watching on TV about assaults on ordinary citizens and its about time more is done to help support them. As business owners we feel this charity can raise awareness of the problem and we hope through the generosity of the British public, British businesses, and by building associations we can provide tangible assistance, awareness for injured personnel and be responsible to put back the pride in Britain and the 'Great' in what this country stands for. Equality, Fairness, Tolerance, & Integrity