We aim to help members of the armed forces and emergency services personnel in any way we can, with practical, medical and financial help wherever and whenever we can in the UK whether that be through raising awareness, funding treatment, support or to help raise funds through crowd funding groups or providing financial donations to the cause.

Who We Are

We are an Emergency Services and Armed Forces Charity, registered in late 2016, Charity Registration Number 1168598. We came into being because one of our Trustees – Matt Colley – experienced injury in the Armed Forces and as a reservist was unable to access medical treatment through the Army, instead having to go through the NHS which inevitably prolonged a recovery beyond that which might have otherwise been a matter of weeks and so he thought to himself “There must be a better way” and with that had a ‘light bulb’ moment and LOD was born.

Who We Support

Our unique, stand-out principle is that we support EVERYONE within the Emergency Services and Armed Forces – EVERYONE from the Surgeon to the Cleaner. Each serve a vital role that enables the Services to continue to fulfil their mission, their oath, to serve and protect and to do this, in many situations, in the face of adversity. Without everyone in the chain carrying on their role to the best of their ability, the chain breaks and the effectiveness of our services suffer. We will support all those that support us across the board in these services with no exception.


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Why Choose Us?

We provide Medical and Mental Health support. We will provide support with prognosis, on-going treatment and diagnosis depending on the condition by utilising a network of highly qualified and trained physicians case by case.

There exist examples of personnel that fail to fit into a certain pre-determined ‘box’ and therefore avail themselves of the kind of support and care they should be receiving within their chosen profession, from the services that are supposed to support it. LOD have no such ‘red tape’. If a Doctor or Medical Professional declares the information then that is good enough for us.

How Do We Differ From Other Charities?

We don’t believe in ‘Red Tape’. We were conceived from the simple idea that our brave Men and Women of the Emergency Services and Armed Forces of the United Kingdom deserve to know that their selfless service to the Country is carried out with support mechanisms in place should the worst ever happen.


We will be the angels on their shoulders so that they may continue to be the angels on ours.

We will not require of them reams and reams of paperwork. If their Doctor or Medical Professional says it is so, then we will support them.

LOD is a National charity with moral values which sees the money going to the causes and not spent on flash offices and a network of staff.