We have a number of fundraising initiatives in place to help raise money for our cause:

Challenge 999

We challenge those that wish to support us to raise at least £999.


Our unwanted clothes collection service to help us raise funds.

Raffle to Raise

More information coming soon.

Weekly Lottery

Your chance to win up to £25,000 every week for just £1 a ticket.


We uniquely recognise those who contribute more to our cause.

LOD's Lottery

Your chance to win £25,000. This is a weekly lottery where tickets are £1 via direct debit, cheque or card. 50p goes to LOD and our cause and the other 50p goes towards the prizes and lottery administration.

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Our challenge to those that wish to support us is to raise a minimum of £999 as either a small group or an individual. 999 is significant as it is synonymous with the ability of availing yourself with one of our Emergency Services, i.e. dialling 999 will get the Police, Ambulance Service or Fire Brigade and so it seemed only right and proper to pay homage to these services by the use of 999 – a well recognised emblem. Those that go on to achieve £999 or above as a donation to us will be recognised at a yearly event to be published on our website and social media.

Our ‘unwanted clothing’ collection bag service, where all your unwanted clothes can be placed in one of our collection bags and will be used to assist us to raise funds. Whilst it may not be in your area yet, plans are afoot to roll the service out as and when we can. In the meantime if you have unwanted clothes that you wish to donate, then please contact us and we will try to make arrangements to collect them.

More information coming soon.

A very special fundraising initiative that recognises in a rather unique way those individuals or companies that are able to contribute more to the cause. Whilst it is true that all those that donate or grant monies and/or prizes to LOD will receive recognition for their kindness, ‘Legacy Recognition’ is a unique initiative that is designed to further recognise those that have made a substantial contribution(s).

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