We’ve been working on a number of projects to benefit our Emergency Services and Armed Forces personnel in times of need:

LOD House

Will be a rehabilitation home / centre for those with physical and mental ailments.

24hr helpline

Will be a Free 24-Hour Support Line for Emergency Services Personnel in need.

Dogs For Therapy

Will be a servce where those suffering with mental health can have a support pet.

Angels for Angels

Our volunteering community project to help raise funds and raise awareness.

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‘For those who Serve’ A huge and very worthwhile goal of our charity and one that we are all incredibly passionate about achieving because of what it will bring to the on-going Health and Wellness of the brave Men and Women of our Emergency Services and Armed Forces of the UK. LOD House will be a rehabilitation home/centre where those with injuries, whether physical or mental, can come for treatment, targeted care, rehabilitation and respite, in the knowledge that they are doing so amongst their brothers and sisters who also serve their country selflessly, with dignity and pride.

We at Line of Duty are proud of the fact that we represent ALL Emergency Services and Armed Forces of the UK. We are not here for one, we are here for ALL. We recognise that you all do a hard, relentless, selfless, tiring job with passion, fortitude, pride and camaraderie. You are our heroes, our protectors and our keepers. When you fall who is there to help you? We are! LOD – Line of Duty will be there for you, when it matters, when you need us, when noone else will help, we won’t forget you, you are our mission! Whilst it is still to be set up, it is yet another example of our passion to help where we can and the team are working extremely hard to make this project a reality as soon as it possibly can be. In the meantime we are still able to help, we just can’t wait to have the facility of round the clock assistance.

Dogs have been proven to make a ‘real’ difference to those suffering with Mental Health illnesses. Often it can be the case that those suffering the debilitating effects of Mental Health illness, lose their desire or will or confidence to interact far from home or the workplace and so a feeling of isolation sets in, the effects of which can have devastating consequences on the ability to recover and can lead to a vicious cycle. Here at Line of Duty we are pioneering a simple but effective idea to raise awareness of, and fundamentally adjust the attitude to, a person having with them a ‘Therapy Dog or Pet whilst out and about at venues that might not normally allow such a thing. By formulating an identification method that respects the privacy of our clients but identifies their pet as a ‘Therapy Dog/Pet’ we hope to raise awareness of and relax attitudes towards the use of pets in assisting in the wellbeing of injured personnel whilst maintaining and promoting their continued interaction in their community and beyond.

Our volunteer/volunteering community project. We at LOD (Line of Duty) recognise that those that volunteer are often Angels in their own right, committing selflessly to the aid of others, in this case our Angels of the emergency services and armed forces. Volunteering to such a good cause can provide a real sense of ‘giving back’ and of belonging! We aim to recognise our volunteers in a rather unique way, a way which for the moment is under wraps but all will be revealed.

Line of Duty LOD Charity Pet Therapy Dog